… daily things that encourage and inspire me

Coffee with Christine Caine – 15 Minute Inspirational Chat
In the Loop with Andy Andrews – 20 minute talks
Mosaic Church – LA
Redeemer Sermons – Tim Keller
TED Talks (audio) – 10-20 minute talks on any topic
NPR and BBC News
Rick Steves Travel – perfect for finding hidden gems mainly in Europe

http://www.cupofjo.com – perfect daily blog
http://www.thedailytay.com – hilarious daily posts
http://www.shereadstruth.com – encouraging daily emails
http://www.patheos.com – motivational articles and great FB posts (Dave Willis)
http://www.propelwomen.org – sign up for a free online subscription!  So good.

Anything by Tim Keller, C.S. Lewis, and Christine Caine – all very inspiring
Harry Potter and Hunger Game Series – I want to be them
Captivating – John & Stasi Eldredge
There is No Ordinary Joy – Sarah Symons
Restless – Jennie Allen
All books – Malcolm Gladwell
Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg
Woman’s Worth – Marianne Williamson
The Great Gatsby – Scott F. Fitzgerald
The Scarlet Letter- Nathaniel Hawthorne
Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn
Anything historical fiction or nonfiction
I enjoy series so keep the suggestions coming!

Refit Rev – Dance (blog too)!
Lindsay Jay – Zumba/Fitness

Bible App – Daily Devotionals and Encouragement
What’s App – for international texting!
Memrise and Duolingo – languages
Yoga Studio – free yoga
Bitmoji – create your own avatar. It will bring your families and friends together on such a hilarious and meaningful level.

http://www.teflworldwideprague.com (my program in Prague)
http://www.daveseslcafe.com (global teaching job board site)
http://www.ricksteves.com (brilliant globe trotter and book writer)
http://www.cimbaitaly.com (MBA Program I did in Italy)

@champcameron – Dino’s son from the World Golf Hall of Fame! Amazing photographer currently living in Hawaii.
@hurley_the_cocker – cutest dog on Instagram!

**Most of these I have stolen from friends and family as they are the ones I ask where to go, what to read, and who to follow! I will add more to this as I go along…..Please continue to share with me and I’ll add more to the list!

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