… The TRUE American Dream.

Reality TV Star. LIFE GOAL – CHECK. Okay, not really a life goal but it’s now become one.

Hilarious and so much fun! For those of you who were able to watch the HHI show, I hope you enjoyed it and enjoyed seeing more into my Prague life. What an amazing (and professionally done) way to share it with you!  And YES I did get paid! How did that happen you ask? I just applied on the website. That was it! Then interviews of course…  So if you are so inclined for that or another show or job or whatever is, just APPLY. You never know – you could end up on reality TV!

Here are my insights into the show as we all know it cannot ALL be real.  So while I don’t share everything, my story and where I live is all true as well as who I am! I am so glad you were able to see this side of me in my element.

Here’s to hoping for round two in London …

Love Adventure in Prague: Season 102 Episode 1
Aired January 6/7 2016 on HGTV

#loveadventureinprague #heatherdontshare #goldilocks #prague #oklahoma #thosefacials

Facetiming with Dad to watch the show – coffee break first.  Then Group Skype date with Shawn in London! Technology at its finest. #anythingforrealitytv


The crew was amazing and oh so fun!  They were from different parts of the world and had such fun film stories to share. 

Thank you Kelly, Lisa, and Mattie for these photos!  I didn’t get to see it until the next day so this just added to the excitement and anxiousness. 

A few insights via video that you can watch while you are cleaning, working out, cooking, drinking coffee… no need to just sit and listen (unless you truly want to).

PS wishing they would send bloopers – mainly of the family scenes. Sigh. Next time.

Read more about my current job HERE in case you are curious from the show…

Enjoy and thanks again for tuning in!


Also, FLIGHTS to London: $50 – $100 round trip so hence saving money – totally worth the choice to have the extra cash for these flights:)


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