… Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is being celebrated all over the world today.  What a special day it is! Even if this a day you dread due to your personal circumstances, look for ways to celebrate the wonderful mothers around you! Or celebrate YOU if you are a mother doing her best to provide for the young ones of this world.  I am one lucky girl with the greatest mom in the world (not to brag, but it’s oh so true).

My life in Prague has been busy these days, but the weather is finally so nice! I wore a spring dress for the first time this year yesterday – everyone is outside enjoying this beautiful weather.  There are parks everywhere and they are now fully alive with walkers, runners, skaters, dog lovers, races every weekend, cafes, and flowers galore.  I ran in Stromovka Park for the first time yesterday – known to be one of the most beautiful parks in Prague, and I must say, it lives up to its beauty.  I found a meetup group to run with – and met so many wonderful people (who speak English)!  If you are ever traveling or living somewhere new, I highly recommend joining meetup.com.  It’s a great way to meet people who share your same interests – and FREE.  You can’t go too wrong.

One thing that has absolutely blown me away about Prague is the number of blind people living in this city – and how they just live life.  They are out and about on the trams, on the metros, in parks – people helping them wherever they can.  Every time I see a blind person walking around the city, I think to myself how brave they are.  So many people think I am brave when I do not compare to these amazing people.  Shawn and I went to an invisible exhibition here in Prague a few weeks ago – YES, we found it – it was an hour exhibition led by this blind man who took us through different rooms and we could experience their life for just a while.  It was so eye opening – no pun intended – and I definitely felt such an appreciation for my sight after that.  How easy it is to forget though – the next day I was back at my normal complaints.

I am still traveling every two weeks to meet Shawn – last weekend, we were in beautiful Asolo, Italy (Northern Italy) where I completed my MBA degree through the CIMBA program.  It was so wonderful to be back in a country that is close to my heart – and for so many people that I love to be all in one place. Shawn met my close friends Mattie, Michela, and Carla – he got the official approval. Next up: family and friends in August!   Another travel recommendation – Air BnB for accommodation.  We stayed in a lovely one that had such a homey feel – and usually Air BnBs are the same if not cheaper prices than hotels.

Next weekend is London once again! I am excited to spend more time with his friends and enjoy the beautiful parks of London at this time of year. So thankful winter is OVER.  I have found such cheap flights via Wizz Air, RyanAir, Easy Jet, and Skyscanner.  Sometimes you can get really lucky on the airline websites too – keep an eye out for them and set up flight alerts through your email.  You can also find great deals mid week – And just FYI, an average flight to Europe is around $800 -$1000 so don’t spend much more than that if you are flying here. Other great airlines are Icelandic Airlines and Norwegian.  If you are bit strategic and flexible, your trip to Europe could be even less than flying across the USA! Just a hint…. Come visit.

Above are some of the photos from the past few weeks – Thank you for letting me share them with you as I love to do so and stay connected with you while being here.  I want to fully admit that my life here is not always easy – in fact, it can be very HARD.  It’s usually the little things – the language barrier at times, not knowing where to go for the dentist or doctor, not sure if I am spending too much money on one thing or not enough, feeling limited in the job sector and finances – then bigger things like wanting to be in the same city as Shawn, missing out on events and birthday celebrations at home, wanting to do more with anti human trafficking in more ways than my time or finances allow (and obviously not knowing the language), needing a mother’s hug (especially on HER day today!), building a deep community, not sure if I am in the right job, and sometimes feeling like ‘where is this all leading?’  At the same time, these problems are NOT problems compared to the women stuck in prostitution or human trafficking, those who are homeless, those who don’t have love around them, wars, famine, disease…. the list goes on.  However, I am so grateful for ALL that I am learning about life, love, people, the journey, the true focus.  I am in constant learning mode here which is what I love the most –   I was so reminded today that things happen in not always our timing but we can just keep going and keep learning and TRUST the journey.  And enjoy it in the meantime, even in those crazy tough why is this happening moments. The tough moments are key opportunities to be at our most grateful state – absolutely the hardest for me as I tend to wallow in my ways.

Theme song of the day: Try Everything by Shakira (Sorry CIMBA! Try is considered a bad word there but this song is amazing… if you recognize it, you probably watched Zootopia recently).

So Happy Mother’s Day to ALL of you amazing mothers out there! If this is a hard day for you, remember that you can be a mother figure to anyone around you.  So go out there and spread that amazing love of yours. Thank you to all who have adopted me wherever I have lived – I only hope to pay it forward throughout my life.











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