… Shawn in Praha.

Shawn has finally made his way to Praha! This past weekend was his first time to the city – we had such a great time together with walks along the river and through the city, a beautiful dinner at sunset on the river in a boat overlooking the castle (pinch me!), meeting some of my friends, and enjoying the Easter markets along with the important tastings of Czech beer, hot wine, dessert, and cappuccinos.  It is still very wintry here but I think (and hope) spring is coming this way soon.  The One World Festival is currently taking place in Prague which is a film festival of documentaries shown throughout the city in different cinemas.  We went to see a film called Cecilia (with one of my friends here) which is about child labor trafficking in India. It was a really powerful film, a true story, that these two Indian producers made to show the reality of what is happening – the film will debut in India in April which could cause a lot of controversy as the people involved in child laboring do not believe they are contributing to this type of trafficking. The Indian producers were in Prague for the debut of the film here so we stayed for the Q&A session afterwards – such an amazing and eye-opening experience.  All in English too! 🙂

So thankful Shawn has now seen where I live and my life here in Prague.  He will be back next week for Easter – YAY for cheap direct flights to and from London/ Prague!


  • Seeing Shawn come out of the airport sign in hand ‘Welcome Mr. Shawn Whatley’ while every single person read the sign walking by – not you, move along.
  • Getting a bit lost while trying to find the market but ending up in a fun coffee shop that I have always want to go to.
  • Introducing Shawn to my friends Sarah and Carey – both Americans who make me feel so at home. Sarah has come to every single one of my zumba classes thus far! Amazing support. Carey has been a lifesaver for me and such an inspiration with all of her travels and House Hunters International Reality Show experience! I love meeting people who prove these things are possible.
  • Starting Easter just right with a giant bunny photo op near the river – because that’s what Praguans do.
  • Taking the tram to Old Town Square and walking right into the Easter Markets! So festive. So fun. So German-like with all of the mini stalls. Eating and drinking the most popular things. So touristy. I love it all!
  • Walking along Charles Bridge together, one of the most famous bridges in the world. Freezing by the end (still so cold here!) but well worth it.
  • Shawn surprising me with a lock to put on the ‘locks of love’ fence with our initials – I know I know. So cheesily cute, right? He’s just the best.
  • Dinner on the river at sunset with the castle right in our view – pinch me.
  • Cecilia – so powerful. Such great discussion afterwards too.
  • Church together on Sunday morning – doing everyday things together. Meeting more of my friends there. RUNNING to catch the bus afterwards – everyone’s daily exercise here. Hilarious.
  • Running along the river at sunset. Meeting a cute couple from Hong Kong.
  • Taking fun photos and videos (video coming later this year).
  • Eating Thai takeout and watching part of a film before going back to the airport. Loving the little things the most.

Coming up next:

  • Who is Shawn? Beside’s the boy accompanying me on this adventure in Europe…
  • Daily Life in Prague – where do I shop? eat? exercise? speak? HOW?
  • Prague History
  • Human trafficking facts specifically in Prague -and what help is involved
  • Easter plans

Enjoy the photos below – all in order from our weekend adventure.

*Love from Praha!


Easter has begun… with a random bunny on the road.
Astronomical Clock.
Easter Markets.
Old Town Square.
Czech Beer in Old Town = Major Tourist.
hot wine & beer.


View from the Prague Castle…never gets old.
Locks of Love ❤
Band playing on Charles Bridge.
He rubbed the golden dog! Officially coming back to Prague now.
Beautiful Charles Bridge at sunset.
Spritz and dinner on the river – Feeling so Italian.


Our view from our dinner table – magical.
The Communist Memorial to commerate those who lost their bodies and souls during the War and the Communist Era.
Trdelnik – amazing cinnamon dessert! And so fun to play with.


River run together at sunset.
Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
my #mcm.

11 thoughts on “… Shawn in Praha.

  1. Love the photos, as always — especially the one of the Spritzes and you two! Okay, so I have to Praha on my list next fall when I visit Tim.

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