… When in Prague.

This week has been hectic as I am in still training mode for work and I also moved into a new flat while slowly finding my routine.  Thankfully ,the weather turned warmer this weekend and while the snow was beautiful, I am so excited the sun has finally decided to come out! Makes all the difference for me….

Highlights of the week:

  • Moving into my permanent place! I am living with a Czech couple (quite common to live with other people here – and they speak English) and we basically share the common areas while I have my own big room. It’s furnished, in a great area, and within my budget. Perfect for now!
  • I drove a stick shift to move all of my stuff – the pastor from the church let me borrow his car – I am not sure if that was so wise considering I have never driven in Prague and I haven’t driven a manual car since Italy in 2013, but alas, he had full faith in me and handed me the keys.  The highlight is that I made it alive. I asked a friend to drive with me for moral support and while that was a good idea in theory, she was so stressed out yelling ‘people, people! stop! dog!’ the whole time that it stressed me out even moreso. Hence, lesson learned to drive alone. Always drive alone.
  • Going on a beautiful run on Saturday in the sun and being amongst all of the people out and about.  I love that Europeans enjoy the art of being around people in the plazas or cafes, sitting or walking for hours. It’s enough entertainment (and free).
  • Skype date with Shawn! We both got pizza, chatted for a bit, and then we watched a show together.  It’s the best we can do for now – and I think we will actually miss it the day we don’t have to do that anymore… Maybe.
  • Soon to be exchange Czech/English lessons with my flatmate’s mother who barely speaks English. I may make a video of this……


Links to check out when you have more time:

Enjoy your week and Happy Chinese New Year/Lent/Carnival/Ash Wednesday! I am going to (hopefully) give up worry/thinking I have to do everything on my own (such the planner in me) and focus on simplicity each day. 40 days – I can do that right? Or at least have a jar to pay into if needed. I am not Catholic, but I absolutely love this tradition.  It’s a special time of year to reflect on life and what we truly believe the purpose of life is as well as challenge ourselves in ways that may seem unnatural/out of habit. Plus, if you have already given up on your New Year’s Resolutions, this is a perfect shortcut.  Are you giving up anything this year and/or adding a goal per day?  I would love to know.

Heather xoxo

Park run/scene near my new home
Old Town Square on a beautiful day
River Scene
IMG_0284Jan Hus Old Town Square
What Europeans do in their spare time on a Saturday afternoon.
IMG_0289Jan Hus Old Town Square
Charles Bridge
IMG_0302Jan Hus Old Town Square
Old Town Square
IMG_0308Jan Hus Old Town Square
Old Town Square
IMG_0310Jan Hus Old Town Square
Plaza Scene
IMG_0311Jan Hus Old Town Square
IMG_0314Jan Hus Old Town Square
Free Entertainment on the Square.
IMG_9094Jan Hus Old Town Square
This is how we take photos together….
IMG_0245Jan Hus Old Town Square
Park Run – almost feels like I am in China!
IMG_0268Jan Hus Old Town Square
Another view of the park
IMG_0275Jan Hus Old Town Square
Karlovo Namesti Park
IMG_0273Jan Hus Old Town Square
My neighborhood church 🙂







  1. Hi Heather! What a beautiful update! Love the pics…you really do live in a painting!! Their buildings look like they stretch right up into the heavens! The church is so pretty…maybe someday I will go there with you:) So thankful you are settling in and feeling good about Prague. Love you and miss you!! Lori

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lori, I seriously pinch myself (yay, blog title perfection, thank you Haley!) everyday because I really DO live in a painting! I cannot believe it. Cannot wait for your visit someday – it’s going to be the very best. I miss and love you too!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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