… Oklahoma is ‘Exotic.’

Favourite things of this week:

Starting my new job which is essentially having a lot of fun creating a social media plan from scratch and teaching English to people in businesses throughout Prague

Creating a very educational yet humorous lesson plan about Oklahoma in light of the fact that Oklahoma is considered very ‘exotic’ here.  Yep, you read that correctly: exotic. Pictured below is my office space which is shared with other entrepreneurs at a Hub Space in Prague. Free coffee and natural lighting – love it.

Being stopped near my tram stop by a Korean girl who is making a short film about love. She is playing the ‘God’ character. When she asked me where I was from, I told her ‘America.’  Five minutes later, she told me how good my English pronunciation was… and told me again … five more times.  Am I missing something?

Having dinner with new American friends and exchanging fun/hilarious travel stories and crazy predicaments we find ourselves in. #travellove

Having a date night with Shawn (the boy I keep mentioning, I have now revealed his name) via Skype – we watch movies and he shares his screen with me. I know, right? #nerdlove

Going to my first Czech zumba class near where I live – so thankful that understanding the language is not needed for one of the many things I love to do.

Meeting a new young family at the International Church of Prague who just decided to move here from South Carolina. They are travel bloggers – how do people do that for a living!? If I find out, I will definitely share it with you.

Volunteering at an anti human trafficking awareness screening last Monday at the School of Medicine – we screened the documentary Nefarious and then discussed the current situation in Prague.  Twenty students came, including three guys from Germany.  Amazing to see all of their mindsets and outlooks change after becoming aware of the reality and how it actually happens (read more about it here).

Celebrating my nephew’s 14th birthday in true Prague spirit – what a fine young man he is turning out to be! But no surprise there. He is already one of the best kids I know (purely factual). Crossing my fingers he will come visit one day.

Taking photos on the coldest day yet near the river. The swans didn’t seem to mind at all.  These were taken on my walk to work. Yes, it’s true…  I live in a painting. A very beautiful and ‘I cannot believe I live here’ painting.

Hezky Tyden!

Heather xoxo


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetIMG_9982IMG_0010IMG_0005IMG_0006IMG_9943



  1. You and Shawn literally look like you’ve been together for years and years;) LOVE!
    The cold is beautiful, I was just looking at pictures off the coast of the north east where the ocean waves actually froze ~ magical! I love winter;)

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  2. Always fun reading your blog Heather. Until I started following your adventures I always thought of myself as a traveler. Now I know I am a rank amateur. Well okay not really but you are brave and adventuresome and wish I had discovered it at your age. That said, I guess we all get where we need to be when we need to be there!
    thinking of you and following you with a smile.
    Fondly (if not warmly…not possible right now)

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  3. Heather – we are so glad and thankful that you are off to a great start in Prague; enjoy the weather (yikes!!!), the walks, your talks with Shawn, and the new job. Skype with you soon – you looked very happy when we skyped yesterday. That warms our hearts. Love always, Mom and Dad

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  4. Hi Heather. Love your blog and all the pictures you post. You look so happy to be back. I wanted to reach out to you about some friends of ours, Carol and Elden Hoffman, that will be in Prague on May 3rd-5th. They are also traveling with another couple. They would love to contact you and meet you while they are there. I’ll include their email address. they also need a recommendation as to where to stay. Thank you in advance for any help you have time to give them. Wishing you great success in all you are doing. I’m so glad you and Shawn are having so much fun together.
    Your Forest Ridge friends.
    Larry and Kathy Boyer


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