… Cheerio, Matey from London (Is that British or Australian)?

Well, I must say, in light of the visa situation (no news yet), I am having a brilliant time here in London! I absolutely love this city. It’s just so alive and people everywhere! I have gotten to spend amazing quality time with friends – one of the huge blessings I love about traveling and living abroad. Friends everywhere you go.

I stayed with my friend Rebecca for the first few nights here – I taught English with her in China back in 2009 and she was actually in Prague last weekend.  Time never passed it seemed….  She lives in a flat shared house in the Northeast part of London.  Flat shares are very common here – people find rooms to rent out and in essence, live with strangers.  Sounds a bit crazy for Americans, but it such a normal thing here especially in London where the rent is so expensive.

Her flatmates are all British except for one Australian girl – she was able to get an EU passport because her grandfather was Polish (those amazing ancestry passports!) and works for Apple.  She took me around the Bricklane area of London for an afternoon – a very hip scene with old brick buildings and a lot of funky art work. There is a place called ‘Cereal Killer Cafe’ where they import cereals from all around the world – you have a coffee and a bowl of cereal of your liking. THEY SELL OUT EVERYDAY. Mental – just shows your ideas might not be that crazy! Go for it.

I spent another day walking along the Southbank from the London Bridge to Westminster Abbey – a gorgeous day to be outside.  Runners and brilliant British accents everywhere – I could just listen all day.  Topped the day off with two hours in the National Gallery Museum – FREE – absolutely fantastic. I could spend days in there.

Now, I am staying with two friends that completed the MBA course with me in Italy – a girl from Italy and a guy from South Africa.  It has been such an amazing time catching up! These are seriously my favorite moments ever.   They live on the opposite end of London, the Southwest part, and the homes in this area are massive! I think celebrities must live here….well, their 3rd or 4th home that is….

The #WalkforFreedom is tomorrow so be on the lookout for it on the news –  cannot wait to be a part of this here in London! What an incredible honor.

So cheers and enjoy the day today!  Do I sound British yet?



  1. Ah!!! London! Those pics take me back! So hope to get back there again asap…love the updates! The Cereal Killer restaurant is so funny….who would have thought that would take off?? I must show Dave, he’s a cereal guy! Love you!


  2. Do the Brits like American accents as much as we like British accents? If so, I should move there.
    There are some quite famous items in the British Museum. See the Rosetta Stone!

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