… #WalkForFreedom Weekend!


This weekend is pivotal for the awareness of Anti-Human Trafficking Movement as there are over 200 walks in 26 countries around the world taking steps to bring an end to modern -day slavery.

Check out this website for more information about the cause and movement:  I know there are walks in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Jacksonville! Just to name a few;)  The walks take place this Saturday, October 17th at 10AM all around the world.  I will be walking and volunteering in London – So excited to join in Europe!

In case you don’t know about human trafficking, there are a few resources to check out such as the Nefarious Documentary, checking out my previous blog, and reading these statistics on the Made By Survivors page.  To date, there are more slaves than any other time in history and yet we ignore it because we don’t know what to do or it doesn’t affect us personally.  Maybe we don’t want to talk about it because it’s uncomfortable and way too much to truly comprehend – but we HAVE TO talk about it to at least do something. To make a difference – to help others live a life that we are so fortunate to live.


Things YOU CAN do now:
1. Pray – pray over the girls being affected, the government officials, the decision makers, hearts and minds of those who think this is okay to enslave and traffick girls into this horrible business.
2. Get Educated and Spread Awareness – Post something, talk about it, watch a documentary, read a book (The White Umbrella!). Get informed because otherwise it is so easy to assume that it’s something minor or the girls choose to do this.
3. Donate – Donate or buy items to campaigns like the A21 Campaign, Made By Survivors, or Love Gives Way. Both faith based organizations that are doing things RIGHT and inspiring others to reach out.
4. See what you can do right where you are – this is happening EVERYWHERE.  Contact your local church or research organizations that are helping young girls get help.  Even one hour a week or month can change one person’s life- and that can change a whole line of generations to come.
5.  Stop participating in – strip clubs, pornography, judging the girls (even in Vegas!), or even video games that exploit girls in this way.  It all contributes and the money needs to stop pouring into this industry.



  • An estimated 11 million people were transported as slaves for the New World from 1500 – 1850
  • Today, there are 27 million slaves with many not being reported
  • Many women who are in prostitution have been trafficked into it (a lot of times we think they choose this, not the case 80% of the time)
  • Annually, 600,000-800,000 women and children are trafficked across international borders
  • Over 1 million children are entered into the sex trade every year  – children cost LESS than a beer in countries like Vietnam or Cambodia
  • India- 2.3 million girls and women are in the sex industry and more than 200,00 persons are trafficked into, within, or through the country annually
  • Japan – 500,000 to 1 million women have been brought into this country as sex slaves
  • VERY PROFITABLE – Annual global profits from commercial sexual exploitation are $33.9 billion in the US and the value of global trade in women is estimated between $7-12 billion annually
  • Japan – $83 billion (prostitution is not legal here but widely accepted)
  •  Phillipines – prostitution is the fourth largest source of GNP for the country
  • Netherlands – $1 billion per year with over 2000 brothers and numerous escort services using around 30,000 women; 80% of women stated they were there due to some degree of force
St. Paul's Cathederal.
St. Paul’s Cathederal.

The statistics are overwhelming but there is HOPE! Freedom is happening everyday and we need to do our part. Even if it’s just learning more about it.  Remember, this could be your wife, daughter, cousin, niece, or neighbor next door.  We may not even know what is happening.

Let me know if you walk or see walkers around this Saturday and follow the A21 Campaign, Made by Survivors, and Love Gives Way via social media to keep learning more about this epidemic that needs to stop.

And look for me in London!  Happier post coming soon….



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  1. […] Volunteering at an anti human trafficking awareness screening last Monday at the School of Medicine – we screened the documentary Nefarious and then discussed the current situation in Prague.  Twenty students came, including three guys from Germany.  Amazing to see all of their mindsets and outlooks change after becoming aware of the reality and how it actually happens (read more about it here). […]


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