… Northern Italy: hidden gems of places that are a must-see or share

From Asolo to Bassano del Grappa to Paderno del Grappa to the top of Monte Grappa to Arte Sella, Northern Italy is truly one of the most amazing places in the world.  Purely Italian, authentic, cheap! (compared to the more tourist type places), and beyond breath-taking, it is a place you will definitely want to add to your destination list.

A car helps get around to these places very easily and on your own time (the bus system is not great) – and they only have manual cars here so beware.  Michal let me practice this week so that was a serious highlight for me – just like learning to ride a bike! All came back to me.  Such a freeing feeling!

Photos for now (more once I can upload faster) and more information on each place soon.  Italy, grazie mille for such a beautiful, reflecting time as always.  I love that you stay the same….and the people too!  From the grocery shops to the cafes to the pizzerias to the sqaures, I saw everyone I knew two years ago.  It was like I never left. I am sure some of you know what I am talking about.  Amazing and yet, very Truman Show like I must say.

Oh, and another fun highlight: all of the restaurants we wanted to eat at on Monday evening were closed – Italians need a day off and apparently that is not Sunday – so naturally we bought three frozen pizzas and beer and watched a French movie on a computer.  Shouldn’t that be illegal in Italy? Bonjour e Au Revoir! For now….



  1. I close my eyes and am again sitting at Caffe Centrale with a Prosecco, people-watching or heading to Crespano market or enjoying a brioche and espresso at Alpina or . . . think I’ll keep my eyes closed for some time!


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