… Ciao Bella! Italia, we meet again.

A twelve hour drive yesterday through the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and Northern Italy – castles atop the hills, unrestored fortresses, and villages within the mountains along the way. A beautiful sight to say the least. It is beyond what I can describe in writing. A feeling of majesticness (a new word I made up that just feels right), awe, wonder, and loveliness.

At 9PM, we arrived to the place I lived for two years from 2011 to 2013 – Paderno del Grappa. It is a very small village about one hour west of Venice, 2000 people, one café, no restaurant (the one pizzeria recently closed), one convenient store, a roundabout, a pharmacy, and the CIMBA, the American Undergraduate and MBA program that takes place on the same grounds as a Catholic High School use for both accommodation and classes. The area itself might sound a bit depressing (but trust me, it is so picturesque it doesn’t matter!) and the closest village is a five minute walk in each direction so need to fret when you are in need of something more.

It is a village nestled at the foot of the Dolomite Mountains that then lead into the Alps. The balcony from my room overlooked these mountains. So lovely isn’t it? I met one my dearest friends for coffee this morning and I told her that I don’t remember feeling as grateful when I was here so it’s amazing to be here now and live in that gratitude. One lesson I definitely have started to grow in and learn is thankfulness no matter what. I know that it may seem easy for someone like me to be thankful to be in these places, and trust me I am, but I am also learning to be grateful in those crazy, hard and challenging moments. You know, when life happens. I don’t know what tomorrow brings; therefore, today I am so thankful I get to see this place and be here with amazing friends…. And speak Italian!

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  1. Hi Heather! My fav blog entry to date…living in the moment…love that…gonna try to do that well next week in san fran. Love the pic of the restaurant…love you!

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  2. Ciao Della is right Heather you are doing it right and I miss you!!!!! The pictures are great and remind me of when I lived there, luv the Dolomite Mts and the food in the north of Italy is fab!!!!!!! Life is short sweety enjoy every minute of it. LOVE and MISS you 🙂 Terry


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