… Oh, to be a Czech in the summer.

Day three in the Czech countryside and in the Borovice (pronounced Boro-vi- che) village.

It is so peaceful here – the windy roads, small cars (if any, or Russian ones – see below), and the beautiful cottages along the hills make the world seem so simple and wonder why we stress so much.

The Czech people do love the simple life – everything they do seems like back in the old times, and in such a great way. They are constantly discussing the next meal as it always prepared so fresh and from the garden, the butcher, or in the kitchen – all takes such time though for preparation.  Today we went to pick sour cherries from a farm that only sells these particular cherries (best for the jam) during this time of year in this specific village due to the season and weather.  We will make jams, a cherry rum, and other baked goods with them later that will last for months and this is the only time of year they can do this.  The other seasons are too harsh for cherries, therefore, much planning goes into this process during these summer months. It is a really neat way to see life.

They love to go on long walks and then take a rest at a nearby pub.  We went for lunch today in a cave down the road – the normal everyday lunch occurrence, right?  Beautiful dining area and fresh beer made right in that cave only at this time.  They will not even bottle it to sell locally because it is a special type of beer that is made of yeast and cannot be bottled. Come September, they will not have it until next July – everything is in season and according to weather.  Fascinating, isn’t it?

Everything is beautiful.  From the post office to the church to the small buildings in the city – it’s all designed so beautifully.  Everyone has been so friendly here and say hi to us on our walks- Michal and Iva even noticed! The small villages tend to have very polite people whereas places like Liberec and even Prague, people tend to stay to themselves.  We shall see soon enough….

Off to make fun things with cherries! Then we will go to Liberec tomorrow to Michal and Iva’s home and where I used to live. We are also going to celebrate Iva’s father’s birthday with a party she planned at their home – all Czech speaking people so that should be fun. I can practice my basic Czech, guess the conversations, and take photos – I love being an observer anyway.

We will watch The Open Championship (final round) on Sunday, go on a long walk to their new home, and off to see castles in Germany on Monday!  A castle or two for a day…… Yes please.


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