… I love the simplicity of the Czech.

Arrived safe and sound with a wonderful welcome from my friends Michal and Iva! My new phrase is ‘Do you speak English?’

We drove to his parents home about 50 kilometers (they do not speak in miles) in the Czech countryside in a town called Borovice.  Below are photos from a nice walk we had today and Michal’s parents place.

Things to Note:
* Their homes all have the long roofs and gardens (we picked from them today for lunch)
* The showers are like hoses …. great arm work out.
* The staircase leading to the top floor is very dangerous (it is a very slim ladder type) and not made for anyone older, off balance, or larger than average….
* The Czechs love beer (so cheap here and made in the next town over – known for its beer), eating and relaxing on balconies, picking raspberries and mushrooms in the forests during August/September, swimming, and stocking up on food for the cold winters
*Most live with families or live near where they grew up…. it’s a very close knit community (at least here in Borovice)
*They love to eat! All fresh and natural from the gardens most of the time…and meats…but it is constant.  We just picked Indian raspberries from the tree for breakfast.

His parents and neighbors do not speak English (lots of staring and gestures) and they will arrive tomorrow from Moravia, a place known for wine and castles! We are going there next week.   We just went to their neighbors’ home – we entered and they were in their underwear – they did not care at all.  And then they told us they swim naked every morning.  And when they asked what I would like to drink, I said ‘voda’ for water, Iva translated to be sure, and I was only told wine or beer is served.  Welcome to the Czech!

What are your thoughts on the countryside here? Is it what you pictured? What do you think of in terms of the Czech culture?



  1. Heather! Love the update and pics!! So happy you’re there safely and enjoying your new adventure:) I love that they eat from their own gardens, what a beautiful, charming place! I had a good laugh about the undies and naked swimming…so European! Love you! Lori

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