… I want a British accent.

I made it! The worst part is over. The drive to the airport and getting the luggage all the way through is very stressful every time and would probably make anyone NOT want to do this. But it’s over!

Best part: flight from Miami to London – Nine hour flight and no one next to me. I sprawled out across three seats and slept most of the night. It was basically first class.

London Heathrow Airport: Accents, languages, culture, styles galore! I love it all. I treated myself to Café Nero, a café I have known and loved throughout my travels. My favourite (practicing) is the espresso macchiato – a VERY small version of the American one – a perfect pick me up. The British (in general) are just so polite, I cannot get over it. At the airport, they call me ‘Madam’ and use proper terms all the time. Plus, with their accents, they can literally say anything and it sounds amazing. ANYTHING. I find myself already saying things like ‘Could I bother you for a napkin? Or I would like a spot of that tea please. That is quite alright. Thank you, this is lovely.’ All in a very Oklahoma–British– Italian form of words. By the end of this year, I think both my talk and accent will change.

I am a bit of a chameleon, as you all know – but the core of me stays the same. I so enjoy becoming a part of a culture or taking bits and pieces from what I have come to love and using that in my own life. I am ecstatic to do so again – so far I am thinking British accent and politeness, Italian or French fashion, German promptness and hard work, American core values, and the Czech language. Any other suggestions? FullSizeRender IMG_6687 FullSizeRender


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