… I just got a Hole In One!

HOLE-Y Schnikes! June 24, 2015. What a pivotal day in my life – a day that every golfer hopes and dreams for, a surreal moment in time in which the odds are so slim to do this in one’s lifetime.  According to statistics (or actually my dad’s text right after I told my family), the odds of making a hole in one for an amateur are approximately 12,500 to 1.  So if you plan to play 50 rounds per year (once a week or so) and there are 4 par 3’s in each round, you would make a hole in one every 62 years on average.

The best part about the day is that I played with Terry, one of the great guys I used to work with at the World Golf Hall of Fame, at the King & Bear Golf Course in St. Augustine and I asked him on Hole #10 if he had ever got a hole in one before.  He described the two he has had in his lifetime thus far…and as we approached the last par 3 of the day on Hole #14, he looked me in the eye and said ‘your turn, kid. You are going to get your hole in one right now.’   And just like that… a straight 135 yard shot from the tees with a sand trap on the right side of the green.  I hit the middle of the green and the ball just rolled right in.  I looked at him with such awe and amazement – and then FREAKED OUT.  Are you kidding me!? THAT JUST HAPPENED.  I cannot believe he just said that to me! He must have truly believed that was going to happen because I sure didn’t have enough faith on my own. Happy early 30th Birthday to me!  I sure hope I feel this great on my wedding day….. Pinch me, I just got a hole in one! That is mental.

hole-in-one-facts selfie hole in onehole in onescorecard hole in one


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